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Conversation with His Holiness Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj on the Bhagavad Gita (August 10th, 2002)


Upon being asked a question about how the verses 24, 25 of Chapter 8 of Srimad Bhagavat Gita, applied to a Realised person and others who have not realised yet,

Verse 8:24

Fire, Light, Daylight and Bright Fortnight, the Northern path of the Sun departing then men who know Brahman go to Brahman.

Verse 8:25

Attaining to the Lunar Light, by smoke, night time, the dark fortnight also the six months of Southern Path of the Sun, the Yogi returns.

Guru Maharaj said the following: Fully Realised person do not come back.

One who were near complete Realisation but not fully realised, if they leave the body during Northern Path of the Sun do not come back and complete their realisation in other realms.

But if they pass away during Southern Path of the Sun, they come back. They take birth in a family which is conducive to his Complete Realisation.

All others have come back till Complete Realisation.


Similarly on a different note, during conversation, quoting verse 12 of Chapter 8,

Verse 8:12

Having closed all the Gates, confined the mind in the heart and fixed the Life-Breath in the head, engaged in the practice of concentration.

Guru Maharaj said: Spiritual Heart is slightly on the right side of the chest in level with the heart. Heart (spiritual) is the centre of the Atman while the place between the two eyes is the centre of the mind. Ultimately one has to go to the Heart centre. If one can concentrate at the Heart centre, there will be no thoughts. However, it is easier to concentrate at the Centre of the mind (the place between the two eyes) But if on can concentrate at the heart centre it is better.



Kindly explain Verse 48 of Chap 18

Verse 18:48

One should not abandon the duty to which one is born, though faulty, for all undertakings are enveloped by evil as fire by smoke.

Guru Maharaj: In this world there are no perfect conditions and therefore there cannot be perfect actions. The only way is to offer all actions to the Lord, that will neutralize the binding affect of the Karmas (actions).



Swamiji, please explain Verses 17 & 18 of Chapter 15.

Verse 15:17-18

But, Distinct is the Supreme Purusha Called the Highest Self, the indestructible Lord, who pervading the three worlds, sustains them.

As I transcend the perishable and am even higher than the imperishable, I am declared to be the highest Purusha in the world and Vedas.

Guru Maharaj:

Lord is the Creator, Sustainer of many Universes. We are just a tiny part of the Lord. The individual Soul is a wave and the Lord is the Ocean. Brahma creates for Him. Vishnu sustains and the Lord Siva dissolves all back to Him. To have an imagination of His greatness is not possible.


Explaining the Verse 10 of Chapter 7, 

Verse 7:10

"If thou art unable to practice even this Abhyasa yoga (Yoga of constant Practice) be thou intent on doing actions for My sake, even by doing action for My sake, thou shall attain perfection".

Guru Maharaj said that Work for My sake means give the fruit of all work to the Lord—all work be dedicated to the Lord

One works for desires. Instead of working for the Lord, if we do all actions as a part of our duty. That will also amount to giving up desire for the fruit. A mother works for her child as a part of her duty towards it and does not accept anything in return. Is it the correct interpretation Swamiji?

Guru Maharaj: Yes you can take it that way.


Question: Why fear has been listed on top of the list of qualities.

Guru Maharaj: This is an essential quality of a Sadhak. Without it nothing can be achieved.

Then Sri Swamiji drew up a list of 32 qualities that please the Lord as per Chap 12 verses13-20 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Sri Swamiji remarked that all other Chapters of Srimad Bhagavat Gita are answers to Arjuna’s questions. But this portion of the Gita Chap 12 verses 13-20 is "Anugraha" Grace the Lord has showered on the devotees by telling them what qualities please Him.

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